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To Fall In Love in Edinburgh: SD Artists Bound for Scotland’s Famous Fringe Festival

The dramatic play, “To Fall In Love,” (winner of the Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Drama awards at San Diego’s own Fringe Festival in 2017), has nabbed at spot at Edinburgh’s fest this year, and the team is working to fundraise their way across the pond.  READ MORE…

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He Said, She Said, They Said: Why Gender Pronouns Matter

We love Pride Month: rainbows, inclusion, parades, and all.  And being all up in our feel-goods about it last week, we were a little shook to see the Catholic Church officially reject the notion of gender fluidity. The institution claims that a culture-wide “disorientation” is trying to cancel out the “natural difference between man and woman.” However, the church’s “guide” to the “most debated questions around human sexuality” ignores one crucial fact: gender is a social concept, not a biological or religious one.

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