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Addressing the Elephant in the Room

The news makes us deeply sad almost every day. We know there’s good in the world, but there’s also a lot that needs to be changed, both abroad and in our own community. But being sad and doing nothing isn’t going to get us anywhere. At YBH, we intend to keep trying to change the world, even when it feels futile.  

Because the reality is, It’s not futile. 

One thing we believe deep in our hearts is that lasting change requires of each person a willingness to see beyond their own narrow perspective. As compassionate and open as we may be, if we’re not paying attention to the world around us, or if we’re deliberately avoiding uncomfortable conversations that may shake up our world-view, then we’re missing out on opportunities for deep connection and healing in our communities. 

As part of our commitment to our community and to the expansion of our own perspectives, we’ve partnered up with Maharani Peace Hall to present a series of Elephant Talks.  READ MORE…

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Brunch Crunch 01 Recap

What is Brunch Crunch?

Brunch Crunch is a monthly brunch event that features local experts and creatives sharing their knowledge with our members and other entrepreneurs. Oh, and it also involves delicious food and mimosas. 

Like all things we do, Brunch Crunch is a community effort, and we’re really lucky to be surrounded by so many skilled, talented, and generous people.

For our inaugural event last week, Crosby Noricks of PR Couture led 16 participants through the creation of their own Brandifesto, a storytelling device and standalone content piece designed to help clarify a brand’s purpose, message, and value in order to connect with the target audience and optimize content strategy.  READ MORE…

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To Fall In Love in Edinburgh: SD Artists Bound for Scotland’s Famous Fringe Festival

The dramatic play, “To Fall In Love,” (winner of the Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Drama awards at San Diego’s own Fringe Festival in 2017), has nabbed at spot at Edinburgh’s fest this year, and the team is working to fundraise their way across the pond.  READ MORE…

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