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Mastermind Meeting

Entrepreneurs who meet monthly to discuss the trials and tribulations of being in business, seeking feedback, sharing ideas, and growing.


SOFAR Sounds :: November 2018

An intimate music event, featuring Trishes, Mishcatt, and a San Diego favorite, Creature and the Woods.  

Photography by Stacy Keck


Grand Opening :: November 29, 2018

Photos by Debra Alison Photography


The Art of Belonging - Artists’ Reception :: December 5, 2018

Photography by Stacy Keck


Holiday Pop-Up, Benefit Drive for Bridge of Hope :: December 16, 2018

Photography by Stacy Keck


Making It As An Artist In San Diego :: February 12, 2019

Panel discussion about what success means to local artists, with panelists Sarah Stieber, Kara West and Lauren Siry. Photography by Stacy Keck


Priceless and Worthless - Opening Reception :: February 21, 2019

Photography by Stacy Keck