What exactly is You Belong Here?

YBH is a new culture of working. We have the foundation of a co-working space, but have upped the game for creatives by offering a collaborative space. Our open floor plan and unassigned seating makes the space inviting and helps creatives mingle and work together. Gone are the days of answering emails and not making eye contact with other human beings. We’re throwing out the old way of learning and embarking on a social incubator of creatives who are dedicated to helping other creatives thrive. We have the tools to help you succeed. Our intimate meeting room, podcast room, and photo studio alone will pack a punch for the the entrepreneur working their way up.

Do you rent out desks? Can I have my own private office?

Sorry, YBH is a communal workspace. We do have roaming desks and plenty of places to work, just not assigned desks. We do not have private offices. We have a private meeting room where you can meet clients or work for a couple hours in solitude.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday - Friday, from 7am to 5pm. Currently, weekends will be open for use by our members, from 8am - 5pm, unless they are being reserved for an event.





Okay, I’m insterested…what is included in a membership?

You get to enjoy all of the perks and amenities we have to offer! Plus, discounted access to workshops, drop-in consultants, panel presentations and more! You’ll have access to our open space floor plan from 7am to 5pm. We’ve got a neat kitchen to help you get your day started, and a bad-ass restroom to help you MAKE SHIT HAPPEN; you know - like thoughts and ideas and stuff. Plus, you’ll have access to our photography studio, podcasting room, and meeting room. Learn more here.

What is my membership commitment?

There is no long-term membership commitment for memberships. All memberships auto-renew through our membership portal, unless you have given us 30-day notice that you would like to cancel. As a monthly member, you will have the option to commit to a three-month membership, which will save you dolla-dolla bills on renting the photo studio, podcast room, and meeting room. In addition to the discounted rental rates, you will also be able to use YBH for your own personal event: Workshop! Pop-up! Launch party! Karaoke night! YAAAS!

Do you have blackout dates?

There will be, on average, four weekdays throughout the month that will be blackout days (not open for co-working). You will receive a notification through your membership portal notifying you of a date that has been booked for a full studio buyout. We don’t want to surprise you at the last minute, so we’ll be sure to get events on the calendar at least two weeks out! Weekends will typically be booked/reserved for events. In the event that a weekend day is not booked, then it will be open for co-working and will show up in your membership portal calendar as being available.

Can I work at YBH on the weekends?

We will be reserving the weekends solely for events. There will be weekends where nothing is booked, and in those cases we will make the space available to our members for co-working.

Can I work at YBH later in the day/evening?

Co-working is offered between 7am and 5pm. After 5pm on most evenings, there are live music performances next door at the Soda Bar that might be disruptive to those trying to get work done at YBH. We encourage our members to check out the Soda Bar’s awesome lineup of shows!




What does a day pass include?

Our day passes are best for creatives who are looking for a place to work for the day. A $20 pass includes a roaming desk, use of wi-fi, printer/copier, water, coffee and snacks.




I'm a photographer who needs to take some basic headshots of a client. Do I need to rent out the entire space (full studio buyout)? 

Not necessarily. Photo shoots with one photographer and one client can be done while co-working is taking place, so it's not necessary to book the entire space unless you need privacy. As a non-member, you would simply pay the $35/hour "photography studio add-on" fee. For members, the fee is reduced to either $25/hr (10-Day Pass members) or $20/hr (Monthly All-Access members). 

What is the difference between the product-photo station and the photo studio?

The product-photo station is a 31”x19”x16” mobile seamless backdrop and LED lighting kit that is perfect for photographing small items on a white background — perfect for updating your Shopify, Etsy and Amazon listings. (THIS is what it looks like.) The product-photo station is free to use for 10-Day Pass members and Monthly All-Access members (sorry, day-passers). There is an additional $15/hr fee to rent the camera and/or other photo equipment. Paper backdrops are not included because they are not necessary when using this product.

The photo studio is our 14ft x 9ft open-air studio that is perfect for photo shoots involving larger items, models, scene setups, etc. The space can be rented for $35/hr during co-working hours, limited to two people using the studio, or $75/hr for a full studio buyout (we’ll send the co-workers home). Use of paper backdrop rolls is included in the photo-studio rental. Please bring your own gaffer’s tape!

When I rent the photo studio, does that include the use of a camera, lighting and other photo equipment?

Camera and lighting equipment is available for rent for $15/hr. This is quite a deal compared to local photography supply companies. We have a Canon EOS 5D Mark III on hand with two lenses, plus three DigiBee 800 flash units, PocketWizards, numerous light stands, light modifiers, and more. We’ll be adding videos soon that will show you how to set up and use our equipment.

If I am a member, and I am hiring a photographer to photograph my work or head shots, do I have to buy a day pass for my photographer?

10-Day Pass & Monthly All-Access members get monthly visitor passes (up to 2 per month), which could cover the cost of your photographer or any guest showing up. For non-members and Pay-As-You-Go subscribers, you will need to purchase a $20 day pass for whomever is going to be working with you.

Photographers, you don’t need to worry about booking a day pass for your client if they’re popping in for a quick headshot (15 minutes or less). Please just register them as your guest on our member platform.