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Artist's Way Workshop


We are all creative and have a hunger for further creativity.” - Julia Cameron

Many of us are artists. We make the world a more beautiful place to live. But sometimes we get depleted, too. We experience self-doubt, lose our way, or just stop having fun. Or we get so focused that we forget how to play, how to dream, how to meander, how to be free.  

When that happens, it’s time to break out The Artist’s Way and get our mojo flowing again. The results are always mind-blowing. 

On October 2, we’re going to dive into The Artist’s Way together, and we want you to do it with us.  If you’re ready for some full-blown creative expansion, we invite you to join us for 13 weeks of community creativity. Whether you’re familiar with the program and have done it before, or you’re brand new to it, we’re excited to play with you! 

What is The Artist’s Way?

The Artist’s Way is a book that details a 12-week program of creative discovery and renewal. Created by Julia Cameron more than 25 years ago, the program is used by artists all over the world to overcome the beliefs and fears that inhibit the creative process and to flourish in their lives and work. 

Who is it for?

The Artist’s Way is for everyone. This means fledgling artists, professional artists, creative hobbyists, and anyone yearning for more

What will happen during the workshop?

Because we believe in the effectiveness of The Artist’s Way as Julia Cameron wrote it, we’ll be following the program pretty closely as it’s written in the book, with a minor tweak here and there. Each week, we’ll meet for two hours to play together, support one another, and work through tasks and activities designed to nurture creativity. 

We’re adding Week Zero at the beginning so we can  have a little extra time to get to know one another, introduce some of the tools and concepts, and establish a strong, safe sense of community among workshop participants.

Can’t I just get the book on my own? What’s the point of doing it in a group?

Of course you can just get the book. In fact, we highly recommend that you get your hands on a copy and start thumbing through it right away. It’s a great book, and there’s a reason why it’s been on the shelves, nightstands, and kitchen tables of artists and creatives all over the world for 25+ years. If you’re committed to going through the exercises on your own, we have no doubt that doing so will positively impact your creative life. But for those of us who are more likely to do the dishes, wash the car, or check our email over and over than we are to get down and dirty with the program every week on our own, the group provides a little extra accountability and community support.  Plus, it’s just more fun that way. 

What can I expect to get out of the workshop?

We’re committed to providing a safe space and facilitating creative discovery. This is a workshop of action, not just ideas. The more you commit to yourself, the more benefits you’ll reap. Most of the tasks and activities we do together will be fun, but some might be a little daunting or uncomfortable (like the part where we look at the reasons we’ve avoided being alone with ourselves).  If you show up each week, commit to participating in your own creative recovery, and ride out whatever discomfort arises, you can expect to gain: 

  • A deeper understanding of your heart’s desires

  • A stronger relationship with your creative self

  • A set of tools for maintaining a connection to the source of your creativity

  • Camarades in the war against artlessness ☺

Who is the facilitator?

The workshop will be facilitated by writer Elizabeth Salaam, author of over 50 cover stories for the San Diego Reader as well as dozens of feature profiles and news stories. Elizabeth is a lifelong believer in the power of The Artist’s Way to provoke seismic shifts in the creative lives of all people everywhere.  

So,’s time. Time to blow your own mind with how brilliant and out-of-this world you are. Are you ready? We are. 

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